2019-2020 Tournament Champions
Club Champion
Alix Chesno
President's Cup Champion
Maria Cockrum
State Medallion Gross Qualifier
Karen Pultz
State Medallion Net Qualifier
Alix Chesno
Eclectic Gross Champion
Tori Totlis
Eclectic Net Champion
Esther Minlee
Partners Gross ChampionsMolly Steffes & Tori Totlis
Partners Net Champions
Jan Hair & Margie Kerr
Ringer Gross ChampionTori Totlis
Ringer Net ChampionMaria Cockrum

Congratulations to 2019-20 PWGA Valley Team, Combined Champions!

Valley Team Play for 2020-21 begins November, 2020. See schedule above.

East Valley Team Play will resume for 2020-21 in November, 2020.

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