​​​​Papago Women's Golf Association 

Sue Clinch scored her 8th hole-in-one, on the 8th hole, Par 3, 117 yards, with a 7-iron at Ancala Country Club on March 4, 2021! Sue in blue, with Doris T. and Sue C.


Congratulations to Loretta Brown and Vicky Smothermon. They each got a

Hole-in-One on the same day while riding together in the same cart. This phenomenon happened during the White Mountain Club Championship on July 29, 2019.

Vicky hit hers 118 yards on hole 9.

Loretta hit hers 137 yards on hole 14.

The odds of 2 people playing together and this occurring are 62 million to one!

Bobbi Lancaster (left) made a Hole-in-One on Papago's Hole #12, 256 yards Par 4, with driver, during the 2020-21 Eclectic Tournament.

Jill Herbert (3rd from left) made a Hole-in-One on Papago's Hole #8, 154 yards, 7-iron, the day after Thanksgiving 2020.

Karen Pultz - 2017 British Columbia Golf Senior Women's Amateur Champion!

   Read Karen's recap of her experience in the championship from Inside Golf. 

Sally Chambliss got a hole in one on Friday March 12 at Papago golf course.

Congratulations Sally !!"It was my first hole in one...and a miracle did occur!" - Sally Chambliss

On hole # 17 par 3.
She used 5 Iron 136 yards.

Phyllis Morton scored an ace on the Par 3 3rd hole at Cave Creek on March 10, 2021!! The hole played 132 yards, she hit 7-iron. Phyllis (holding ball) with Ann K, Jody R. and Toni D.