POD events include a Closest-to-the-Pin contest on all four Par 3 holes. New this year are two flights: Flight 1 for handicaps 0-14, Flight 2 for handicaps 15 and up. There will be two signs at each green, one per flight.

We have new measuring tapes that clip onto the flagstick and can quickly measure more than one ball by spinning around the flagstick. One person can perform this operation if needed, no one needs to hold the tape end at the hole. The "proxy" (proximity) signs remain on the fringe of the green. 

Does this happen to you?

You get on the green on the par 3 and you are closest to the pin. You clamp the measuring device onto the pin, pull the lever out and begin to pull on the tape. The lever swings around and smacks your fingers as you hold onto the device. 


​This doesn't need to happen! The tape will pull out to measure while the lever is in the closed position. The lever only needs to be pulled out to wind the tape back up. Cleverly designed. Hope this helps !!

    NO OUCH!!

For questions, please contact VP/Tournaments Doris Thompson.



Papago Women's Golf Association meets on Friday mornings (usually) from September through May, and conducts weekly competitions and major tournaments. 2021-2022 Event Calendar (posted 11/19/2021)

All POD events allow players a choice of playing from the Gold or Green tees. The World Handicap System now takes into account and adjusts for competition from mixed tees. Major tournaments also allow a choice of tees, with the exception that the State Medallion Gross winner and the Club Champion must play from the Green tees.

For questions, please contact VP/Tournaments Doris Thompson.

​​​​Papago Women's Golf Association